Recital at Steinway Hall.
Piano FUNdamentals students don't just learn to play the piano skillfully- they develop complete musicianship, creativity and the ability to learn independently.

Repertoire:  classically based, but students are also given the opportunity to work on popular pieces, and to choose some of their own favorites.  Most of all, they love learning to compose:  creating, notating and performing original work integrates everything they have learned into something uniquely their own.

Practicing: is an art in itself, and so we focus on the process of learning how to learn, essential to maintaining progress, and, most importantly, enthusiasm!

Royal Conservatory Exam Program:  this curriculum is the foundation of my teaching.  It is the ultimate preparation to become a complete and accomplished musician.  My students consistently attain honors grades, win Tristate awards, and have performed in award ceremonies at Carnegie Hall. 

Performance:  Every semester students perform in our recital at Steinway Hall, a legendary venue and a very special experience. 

The heart of my approach is to build the foundation for a love of music in every single student who comes through my door.  Therefore I welcome the differing goals and expectations of each student and their family, and am flexible about the best way to meet them.


​-Ms. Alison

Ms. Alison




    Students Learn...

​    Music Literacy:  reading and writing music fluently

​    Music Theory:  understanding how music works, and why

​    Ear Training:  listening acutely and remembering accurately

    Technique:  playing with physical freedom and skill

​    Practice:  developing study habits that transfer to general learning

​    Performance:  increasing self-confidence and poise

    Exam & Audition Preparation:  challenging oneself to excel

​    Composition:  integrating all the above skills into original work

Sam's first composition, 
"The Haunted House".
Genevieve discovering technique.