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Happy Moodle's Day!

by Alison Lund on 05/08/13

Some of the best moments in The Land of Ms. Alison are those in which the combination of a student's creativity with my own results in not only unprecedented entertainment value per minute, but also exponential gains in that student's development.

Today, Student X outdid herself with composition number three, "Happy Moodle's Day".  The title is, obviously, a combination of two of the things she loves best:  poodles and her Mom.  Seeing as mother's day is coming up and all.

This lesson quickly morphed into her learning how to draw treble clefs (beautifully, and in pink of course) together with a poodle pawprint paradigm of notation (also stylishly co-ordinated in chartreuse, lavender, gold and orange).  With a few subtle suggestions as to where to place each note on the staff, she learned middle C, F, G and A in a manner she will never, ever forget.  After that, the rest of the staff is gravy.

Molly Dog and Smudgely Cat were most impressed with the debut performance...and I'm pretty sure Mom will be pretty happy too.

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1. kim said on 5/8/13 - 02:55PM
Pink treble clefs, haha so cute!
2. Ms. A said on 5/9/13 - 06:19AM

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