Tuition Payment:
Please see Studio Calendar for current rates and session dates

Full Semester Commitment (or pro-rated from date of commencement):  Payment due in full at 
first lesson, or in two installments.

Refunds:  No refunds will be made in the event of student withdrawal before the end of the session.

Student Cancellations: Due to scheduling parameters, each student is allowed only one make-up lesson per session, and only if I am informed at least 24 hours in advance, or in the case of sudden illness or emergency.  Make-up lessons must be completed during the session in which the absence occurred:  they will not be carried over into the next semester.

Teacher Cancellations:  In the event of illness or emergency on my part, all lessons will be made up within the same session, or, if preferred, the appropriate refund or credit will be issued.

Tardiness:  Lesson time lost due to student tardiness will not be made up.

Weather:  Lessons missed due to adverse weather cannot be made up.  The studio will be closed whenever the school district is closed or after-school activities are cancelled due to weather conditions.

Music and Materials:  Tuition charges do not cover the cost of music books or other materials.  Please obtain all materials in a timely manner, and have your child bring all of them to every lesson.

Policy/Tuition Changes:  Students will be notified in a timely manner of any future changes to school policies or tuition rates.

Recitals:  There is a fee of 25.00 per family.  Participation is recommended but not required.  I reserve the right to determine if a student is ready to perform.

Student Welfare, Injuries, and Lost Items:  I, Alison Lund, do not assume responsibility for unattended students.  Students, and the parents and Guardians of minor students, waive the right to any legal action for injury sustained on my property, or any other lesson or performance location, resulting from normal lesson or performance activity, or any other activity conducted by students before, after or during lesson or performance events.  I do not assume responsibility for any lost or stolen items.

Privacy Policy:  All personal information is kept in confidence.  I collect and use personal information only for internal purposes so that I may manage your account and provide you with the services that you have requested.

Student Practice Commitment, Parental Involvement, and Inappropriate Behaviour:  Please refer to the Practice Guide for an outline of expectations.  Consistent failure to honor the practice commitment results in a frustrating and unproductive situation for all.  Therefore, should effort become inadequate, or behaviour is otherwise inappropriate, I reserve the right to dismiss students without refund consequent to two written warnings within one session.