My daughter Cassie, age six, adored Ms. Alison from the very first moment and looks up to her as a gentle but firm teacher. Over the past year Cassie has become more and more drawn to piano and she independently seeks to play this instrument without parental pressure, because Ms. Alison has made her fall in love with the joy piano brings her.  Ms. Alison is a passionate working artist, teacher and human being.  Honestly, Ms. Alison rocks!  
 -Joey Huertas, Cassie's Dad.
Ms. Alison illustrates perfectly the difference between a piano player who gives lessons (they're a dime a dozen and worth just about that much) and a top-notch teacher specializing in piano and musicianship.  She has a fun and exceedingly pleasant manner while being supremely competent, so the kids respect her and want very much to meet her expectations. Good teachers in any subject are hard to find, and this one is certainly one of the very best.  
  -Izzy's Dad, Jon Avins


"Ms. Alison!  Piano could NEVER be boring! I LOVE piano! "-Sadie, age 5

-by Tamara, age 10
Since Ms. Alison left Minnesota we tried three different teachers until we finally found one the girls and I wanted to work with. Studying with Alison spoiled us! She offers a unique combination of piano, composition and voice which kept the girls engaged over the years, despite the increasing demands of school and other activities. She is one of the most gifted and creative teachers I ever met, and we miss her!   -Anna Hover, Kaia & Sofia's Mom
It is extremely rare to meet someone like Ms. Alison who is such a delight and such a master teacher who brings out the best in her students. She is so aware of and in tune with the whole teaching process--gently inspiring each step of progress so the whole learning experience is effortless. Ms. Alison is unique in being so personable, so alive, and so down to earth. Her own incredible talents in piano and singing and even composing make you feel honored to be working with someone so gifted.  -Donn Wiedershine, adult student
"Can we do theory?  I LOVE theory!"  -Marah, age 5

I was once a student of Ms. Alison from grade school all the way into High school and I can not say enough about how great she is at teaching music. Her style of teaching is very adaptable to all different kinds of learners. She knew exactly what kind of music I wanted to play and helped me work up to many very difficult pieces, all while setting my own pace. She also snuck in quite a bit of music theory into my lessons to help me later (though I never could have thought how the dreaded music theory could benefit me in any way). I always left her lessons feeling like I had accomplished something amazing. -Spencer Neitz, age 19
Miss Alison is an AMAZING teacher. Our boys ADORE her, as do I for a multitude of reasons. First of all, Miss Alison, is the perfect mixture of fun and discipline. I appreciate that the both the boys and I can feel comfortable asking her any type of question about music and know she won't laugh. She also has a great working knowledge of human anatomy and how it relates to posture, fingering, and one's wrists. 

She always finds something positive to say about the boys' playing and when they do make mistakes, instead of pointing out the errors, she simply states, "what do you think you could have done better?", which makes them feel less frustrated and causes them to really think about the piece they are playing. In addition, she encourages the boys to compose their own pieces. While practicing traditional piano is lovely, I'm certain our boys enjoy letting loose a bit and playing just for fun!  -Nell MacCaffery, Sam & Ian's Mom

Ms. Lund's talents far surpass her profound abilities as a voice and piano teacher, she also instructs her students to be aware of their emotional expression, physical appearance and speech, tools that will translate well into adulthood.  My daughter Tamar is 13 and has grown tremendously under Ms. Lund's instruction.  In the past year she has become a more mature, articulate and confident young lady.  -Raashida Edwards, Tamar's Mom
Cassie's first gig at Steinway Hall
Ian & Sam, two happy customers!
Thanks, Sadie- me too!
Piano fun in the sun